vanessa tucker

Vanessa Tucker

Vanessa Tucker: modern-day medicine woman, life-artist and love-activist

Vanessa is a teacher, healer, author & artist. She founded the Centre of Energy Medicine and Healing Arts which provides accredited training for people to discover and develop their healing skills and intuitive abilities. She is the author of The Art of You and Auras: Awakening Awareness, creator of Happy Cards, founder of Walk Your Talk Retreats and co-founder of Women Weaving Change - a training school for modern medicine women. Her healing and therapy practice, training courses, retreats and books offer a variety of ways to access healing, personal growth and spiritual evolution - supporting people to move towards wholeness and become all they can be.

Medicine Woman

In the ancient teachings, it is thought that each person is blessed with ‘medicine’– their unique spiritual power and gifts. A medicine women or man, usually a spiritual healer or teacher, is someone who has embodied their spiritual power, cultivated their gifts, and is able to share their medicine with the world.

I call myself a Modern Medicine woman because many moons ago, I decided to walk my talk and answer my soul’s calling, which led me on a heroine's journey of deep healing and transformation. A crisis cracked me open and I was able to see, step into, and embody my spiritual power, distil my gifts as a teacher, healer, author, artist and photographer and offer them to you and the world as medicine.


Life Artist

I call myself a life artist because I see life as a creative act – a continual process of unfolding. When we realise that we are co-creators and can work with the universal forces to ‘make’ or ‘unmake’ our lives, it is incredibly empowering. It supports us to discover and express our authentic wisdom and unique gifts. We can create visions of ourselves that we love and bring more meaning and beauty to our lives and the lives of others.

Love Activist

I call myself a love activist because underpinning all of my work is heart-centred consciousness. I believe we must shift from the current patriarchal paradigm and culture of consumption for the survival of the planet, her species, and evolutionary consciousness to take place.

Our planet is desperate for our love and connection. If we are to evolve as human beings and flourish on the land, we must live from our hearts and provide the space for the feminine principle to flow in our lives. Honouring mother earth, caring for our communities and creating for ourselves is the first step.

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