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Vanessa Tucker

About Vanessa

I believe at the root of the present ecological crisis is a state of disconnection with the sacredness of ourselves and the earth. Many of us are disassociated from our bodies and souls, isolated from our local communities and severed from the sacredness of the land, viewing her as an economic resource. This has led to deep personal, cultural and ecological trauma. My work focuses on healing, integrating and embodying the earth, body, spirit continuum so we might become re-enchanted with ourselves, create caring communities and love the land we live in.

My healing and therapy practice, training courses, retreats, photography and books offer a variety of ways to access healing, personal growth and ecospiritual evolution - supporting people to move towards wholeness and heal the planet.

Healing journey

Vanessa's Healing Journey

My healing journey started from a point of crisis, which lead me to ask the question, “What would I do if I had six months to live?” My answer asked me to let go of everything I knew and embark on a journey of enlightenment, which became a spiritual pilgrimage to self-love and empowerment. Travel and India were a huge catalyst for this. I spent time with Indian Masters, Guru's and Sadhu's, became a Reiki Master and experienced great insight from extensive spiritual practice. Yet, it was the everyday reflection, adventure and new found courage, trust and acceptance in myself that brought enlightenment.

Taking this risk helped me to uncover my gifts and help others. Initially, I created Walk Your Talk Retreats for people who required healing and support. Over the years this has extended into a variety of spiritual workshops, training and programmes and as well as an established healing practice. My work continues to grow and expand as I do, supporting many in uncovering their true nature, discovering their potential and creating lives they love, while giving me a life that is fulfilling, exciting and heart-centred.

Medicine Woman

In the ancient teachings, it is thought that each person is blessed with ‘medicine’– their unique spiritual power and gifts. A medicine woman or man, usually a spiritual healer or teacher, is someone who has embodied their spiritual power, cultivated their gifts, and is able to share their medicine with the world.

I call myself a Modern Medicine woman because my work requires me to step into this role and play my part. I decided to walk my talk and answer my soul’s calling, which led me on a heroine's journey of deep healing and transformation. A crisis cracked me open and I was able to see, step into, and embody my spiritual power, distil my gifts as a teacher, healer, author, artist and photographer and offer them to you and the world as medicine.


Love Activist

I call myself a love activist because underpinning all of my work is heart-centred consciousness. I believe we must shift from the current patriarchal paradigm and culture of consumption for the survival of the planet, her species, and evolutionary consciousness to take place.

Our planet is desperate for our love and connection. If we are to evolve as human beings and flourish with the land, we must live from our hearts and provide the space for the feminine principle to flow through our lives. Honouring mother earth, caring for our communities and creating for ourselves is the first step.


Life Artist

I call myself a life artist because I see life as a creative act – a continual process of unfolding. When we realise that we are co-creators and can work with the universal forces to ‘make’ or ‘unmake’ our lives, it is incredibly empowering. It supports us to discover and express our authentic wisdom and unique gifts. We can create visions of ourselves that we love and bring more meaning and beauty to our lives and the lives of others. I wrote my first book The Art of You to support people to answer their creative calling. You can find it here.

Never underestimate your creative power. This is a monumental time of great chaos and transformation. We are the artists, visionaries and change-makers who with our actions, connection and heart, can create a world where all of life thrives. Lead the way with your unique art, it is medicine for us all.


Education & Publications

I currently hold a PGCE in english and drama, a BA Hons degree in drama, psychology & english literature. I am a qualified and experienced drama & english teacher, somatic dance and movement educator and therapist, hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, shamanic practitioner, crystal healer, reiki master, actor and hairstylist.

My publications include: books and oracle cards The Medicine Woman Wisdom Oracle,  The Art of YouAuras: Awakening Awareness and Happy Cards.  Journals: Practise based offering for Dance Movement & Spiritualities Intellect Press Sympathetic holding and parasympathetic release: Vagal tone and beta, alpha and theta in bio-somatic dance and movement naturopathy by Dr. Amanda Williamson.

My work has been featured in Salon Business, Wed magazine, Spirit & Destiny magazine, Cornwall Today magazine, Guru Shots, and the Western Morning News.

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