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Explore Vanessa’s mind, body and spirit books packed with psycho-spiritual techniques and offering a variety of ways to understand and work with energy as a creative force in your life. And pick-up a card-deck pack of Happy Cards, which marries Vanessa’s psychic and intuitive channelling gifts alongside her Photography.

Vanessa Tucker the art of you book

The Art of You

You are a masterpiece - an unfolding work of art, beautiful in the moment and growing every day. The Art of You invites you to answer your call; it presents the perception-shifting vision that both you and your life are creative acts and shows you how to see the exquisite masterpiece you came here to be.

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Vanessa Tucker  aura book

Auras: Awakening Awareness


All of us – even plants, animals, crystals and places – are surrounded by an aura: a three-dimensional elliptical energy field composed, to varying degrees, of the seven colours of the rainbow, emitted by the seven chakras. And we all have the innate ability to sense or see this field if we dig deep enough. Our aura reveals the state of our mood and health and even our personality, and it can be enhanced or depleted by our actions and external forces.

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Vanessa Tucker Happy Cards

Happy Cards


The Happy cards box contains 49 inspirational messages for a daily dose of happiness. Each Happy Card combines a unique inspirational energy. The magic of the moment captured in each photograph, marries an intuitive message. Providing you with a simple way of tapping into your inner guidance.

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