First degree Reiki course 2020

reiki level one

First Degree Reiki using the traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho system.This is a two-day course that connects you to the Reiki energy through the process of individual attunements and lays the foundation for your Reiki Journey.

Discover and Empower the Medicine Woman Within 2020


This two-day course will connect you to your inner medicine woman, an archetypal energy of your deeper self, who calls you to grow into your power, claim your gifts and learn how to use them. Once you have connected with her she will support you to:

-Remember your deeper calling
-Activate and develop your specific gifts
-Accept the challenge to reclaim your fierce/earth/womb power
-Intuit and embody your ancient wisdom
-Share your medicine with the world

Second Degree Reiki Course 2020

second degree reiki course

Second Degree Reiki using the traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho system. This is a two-day course that is a natural step for the progression in your Reiki Journey. It is known as The Practitioner Level and many students go on to set up their own practice. Although, their are many other benefits to reiki level two as it also greatly deepens your spiritual understanding and self-development.

Reiki Master Training

reiki master training

The Reiki Master training is a beautiful gift, it consists of living reiki, being reiki and sharing reiki. Traditionally the Usui Shiki Ryoho Master Training system was taught as a year-long apprenticeship, but with our busy lives and schedules, this has become challenging to manage. This is why I offer the Reiki Master training in two parts, with lifetime post course support.

Discover & Empower your Inner Medicine Woman


Do you hear the call of your Inner Medicine Woman?

This one-day interactive zoom workshop for women will focus on your Inner Medicine Woman, a powerful archetypal aspect of the deeper feminine self, who calls us – now more than ever – to grow into our specific power and bring it into the world.

According to ancient traditions, Medicine means the presence and power embodied or presented by a person. We all have a specific medicine, a unique spiritual gift, talent and power, which we are asked to discover, hone and gift to the world.

The Ancient Medicine Woman has many aspects to her. She is the Wild Woman, the Shamanka, the Witch, the Herbalist, the Healer, the Priestess, the Activist, the Creatrix – to name a few. This workshop will assist you in awakening and empowering the specific aspects that reside deep within you, waiting to be heard, nurtured and brought to the fore.

If you feel the call to unleash the spirit of your specific Medicine and share it with the world, feel a sense of belonging, and would like the support of a community of like-minded women, this workshop is for you. Come and join us.

Sacred Anatomy | Discover the Secret Life of Your Body

sacred anatomy by Vanessa Tucker

Sacred Anatomy Discover the Secret Life of Your Body and How it Impacts the Planet Six-Week Interactive Online Course ‘We must become re-enchanted with our bodies to become re-enchanted with the earth.’ David Abram  Sacred Anatomy Course Fee Fees: £ 75    

The Modern Medicine Woman Practitioner Training Course

women weaving change certified training course

Are you called to step into the powerful role of a modern medicine woman?
This substantial course invites you to become a modern medicine woman, step into your authentic power and share your unique medicine with the world. During the five modules and four online sessions of your training, you will learn, develop, understand and practise fundamental skills, gifts and tools of the Medicine Woman and be able to apply them to your own development, your work and personal life.

Good Vibrations Retreat in Cornwall 2021

good vibrations retreat cornwall

Our popular Good Vibes program in India has now come to Cornwall. This energy retreat takes you on a mystical tour through your chakras to create high quality energy that leaves you feeling united, inspired and revitalised.

You will be guided through an expanding and transformative process, which has empowered hundreds of people to discover their inner wisdom, cultivate their presence, and see their magnificent beauty. Learn how you can relate to, and influence energy to live an empowered and harmonious life.

Alchemy Energy Medicine Training Level 1

Alchemy Energy Medicine level one

Alchemy Energy Medicine is an advanced healing system, developed from Vanessa’s many years of healing, researching and teaching others. It combines therapeutic and psycho-spiritual energy techniques from shamanism, reiki healing, somatic movement therapy, crystal healing, NLP and hypnotherapy.