Medicine Woman Wisdom Oracle Cards

Medicine Woman Wisdom Oracle Cards

Are you seeking to activate, develop and strengthen your inner feminine wisdom, powers and medicine? Do you want to conduct readings for yourself and others?

Look no further than our Medicine Woman Wisdom Oracle cards, a powerful and beautiful tool for connecting with the wisdom and the medicine of the sacred feminine.

The unique 52-card deck, designed by the Modern Medicine Woman Training School, makes spirit and the sacred feminine visible and accessible in our daily lives. Together with the comprehensive booklet, they offer you teachings and tools to open gateways into the spirit realms and the sacred feminine, providing you with powerful universal messages to answer your questions and guide you on your journey.

The Medicine Woman Wisdom cards invite you to conduct readings for yourself and others. The stunning artwork of each card is infused with universal wisdom. They are perfect for anyone seeking to deepen their spiritual practice, connect with their inner wisdom and the universal wisdom of spirit, whilst accessing the transformative power of the divine feminine. They can also be used for meditation, journaling, or as a daily source of inspiration and guidance. The accompanying guidebook provides detailed instructions and interpretations for each card, as well as information on the Medicine Woman and how to work with these cards to develop and strengthen your wisdom and powers.

No matter how you use the cards, their beauty and profound insights will bring the magic, wisdom and heart-felt guidance of the sacred feminine and her medicine into your life.

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