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Aventurine Crystal Healing Wand


A powerful crystal chakra wand excellent for energy healing, shamanic and magick purposes.

A powerful healing wand 18 cm long with quartz sphere and clear quartz crystal point. Weight approx 140 gm. Set with Indian silver and embedded with semi-precious gemstones related to each chakra: amethyst, lapis lazuli, turquoise, aventurine, yellow agate, carnelian, jasper.

Uses: reiki healing, crystal healing, chakra balancing, energy extraction, spell-casting, ceremony, feng shui, space-clearing, numerology, tarot & astrology.

Green aventurine is the stone of luck, prosperity and success. It supports the release of old patterns and habituated behaviours, promoting new growth and liberty. It also enhances creativity and motivation enabling clear intent and decisiveness.

Note: Because the item is authentic and made from natural aventurine and clear quartz crystals, it may contain small inclusions such as; lines, cracks, bubbles or rainbows inside the stone.

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