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Chakra Healing Reiki Symbol Pyramid


A powerful healing tool for reiki practitioners and energy workers

These powerful chakra balancing pyramids are available in 7 different colours and crystal types that correspond to each chakra. Each stone is engraved with the Usui Reiki symbols and has the symbol of the corresponding chakra engraved on the bottom.

The base of the pyramids is approx 2.5cm x 2.5cm.

Root Chakra – jasper
Sacral Chakra – orange aventurine
Solar Plexus Chakra – yellow aventurine
Heart Chakra – green aventurine
Throat chakra – lapis lazuli
Third eye chakra – amethyst
Crown chakra – violet aventurine

How does it work?
The pyramid shape amplifies and focuses the reiki energy created by the reiki symbols, supporting its resonance with the specific chakra and enabling it to clear negative energy and come back into balance.

Use the pyramids for reiki healing, distance-healing, meditation, chakra balancing, crystal grid work, protection, divination, readings and other magick purposes.

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