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Clear Quartz Yantra Healing Wand


A powerful clear quartz carved Shri Yantra healing wand – the most powerful geometrical design based on nine triangles. 14.5 cm long quartz carved in one piece weighing 80 gm.

The Shri Yantra, called the ‘queen of yantras’, is the symbol of the great divine feminine principle – the source of all energy, power, and creativity. This Yantra will create focus and will attract high vibrational energy, abundance, harmony, and peace. The Sri Yantra vibration enhances the flow of “chi” energy and can be used for healing purposes and also Feng Shui in your home or office.

Uses: reiki healing, crystal healing, chakra balancing, energy extraction, spell-casting, ceremony, feng shui, space-clearing, numerology, tarot & astrology.

Clear Quartz crystal is a master healer and teacher and is known as the stone of healers. It opens the mind and heart to higher guidance, energies from the metaphysical realm can be understood and translated into physical wisdom for use on earth.

Note: Because the item is authentic and is made from natural clear quartz crystal it may contain small inclusions such as lines, cracks, bubbles or rainbows inside the stone. It is perfectly normal.

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