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Heart Healing Pair of Quartz Wands


Crystals: Clear Quartz Crystal & Rose Quartz Crystal

Measurements: 5cm to 6cm height

These rose quartz and clear quartz wands work together perfectly as a healing pair and make the perfect addition to the healer’s tool-kit. For heart chakra clearing, opening and centring, set your intent and lay the clear quartz facing downwards on your client’s chest and lay the rose quartz facing it pointing upwards.

Clear quartz is known as the stone of healers. It has the powerful ability to hold, amplify and transmit any energy or intention.
Rose quartz is the crystal of unconditional love and deep inner peace, instilling compassion and enhancing empathy.

Use the wands for reiki healing, distance-healing, meditation, chakra balancing, crystal grid work, protection, divination, readings and other magick purposes.

Note: Because the item is authentic and is made from natural rose and clear quartz crystal it may contain small inclusions such as lines, cracks, bubbles or rainbows inside the stone.

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