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Loved-up Ring | Watermelon Tourmaline Ring in Gold


Measurements: 2cm x 2.1cm
Stones: watermelon tourmaline, pink tourmaline
Size 8 – Q
14 carat gold

I designed the Tourmaline heart-opener ring as an empowering talisman to support you in clearing and strengthening your connection to divine love. Made in a 14k gold rubover setting it includes one large cabochon watermelon tourmaline, one small cabochon watermelon tourmaline and one cut pink tourmaline. This tourmaline ring resonates with the heart and helps you to access and unlock the deepest parts of your heart, healing emotional wounds and opening-up to love. Each stone has been hand-picked by Vanessa, cleansed and imbued with intent to invite you to live and act from the heart, inspiring the giving and receiving of love in daily life and relationships.

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