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Medicine Woman Silver Pendant 18k Gold Vermeil


Inspired by my work from the Modern Medicine Woman training school, this medicine woman amulet is the first in the Empowered Feminine collection.
Combining the energies of 925 sterling silver with 18k gold vermeil and a choice of emerald or ruby gemstone, she stands in her power holding up her unique heart-felt gifts and sharing them with the world.
When she does this her body acts as a conduit for spirit. As spirit spirals through her sacred flesh it is manifested into matter; she births spirit on Earth, and she sends healing ripples of her medicine into the cosmos, empowering the golden pot of collective feminine consciousness.

Wear this amulet as a reminder that now is the time to stand in your power and share your medicine with the world. Comes with 18inch silver chain.
Made from earth friendly, quality upcycled gemstones, 925 silver, gold vermeil and established fair trade relationships. 2.8cm diameter in size.

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