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Walk the Path of the Empowered Feminine

I co-founded the Modern Medicine Woman Training School, which is dedicated to empowering women to walk the path of the empowered feminine and weave their web of change. Our mission is to support women in answering their calling and give voice to their powerful feminine medicine by making it visible in their work, projects, and events.

Our training school offers inspiring courses for women to discover, develop, and share their unique medicine gifts. We believe that every woman has a powerful medicine within them, and it is our gift to help women unlock and share this medicine with the world.At the Modern Medicine Woman Training School, we understand that every woman's journey is unique. That's why we offer a variety of courses that cater to different interests and levels of experience. Whether you're looking to deepen your connection to the natural world, develop your intuitive abilities, or learn how to work with Cacao, we tailor our courses to develop your unique medicine and skills.

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The Modern Medicine Woman training courses are approved by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.


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