Yoga Nidra Meditation


This is a live recording of a Yoga Nidra Creation Meditation from one of our Walk your Talk Retreats in Kerala. It has some background noise of the sea, birds tweeting and chopping of coconuts, but follow the voice, and you will have a beautiful and powerful relaxing experience. Enjoy.

We hope you enjoy your Yoga Nidra Meditation. You can play the meditation directly from your device, or download the mp3 to listen to in your own time.  

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Copyright Vanessa Tucker 2020.

Prepare Yourself for Yoga Nidra

Prepare your space

Find a quiet, relaxing spot where you won't be disturbed, your bed is perfect, but do stay awake. Listen to Vanessa’s voice as she guides you through the 34 minute journey of relaxation, creativity and transformation.

Set your intent

Before you start to play the recording, decide upon a simple positive intent to use. You will be asked to use this in the guided Yoga Nidra meditation.

Get comfortable

Lay down in the Shavasana Pose or otherwise known as the Corpse Pose: With your back on the floor, legs slightly spread, arms about 6 inches from your body and palms facing upwards. Breathe and relax.

How to set your intent

Ask yourself: What would I like to create in my life? Then rephrase this to a positive statement. Be as clear and specific as possible and believe it. This is a powerful meditation please ensure you want to create what you ask for. Afterwards you will find yourself making choices to bring your intent into reality. Examples: My health is improving daily. Or even more specific… I release all attachment to smoking. I learn Italian easily and effortlessly. I am relaxed and at peace. I can sleep soundly when I choose. I am financially secure. 
Press play, check that the volume level is right for you, lie down gently and enjoy.
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