happy cards

Happy Cards

What are Happy Cards

The box contains 49 inspirational messages for a daily dose of happiness. Each card combines a unique inspirational energy. The magic of the moment captured in each photograph, marries an intuitive message. Providing you with a simple way of tapping into your inner guidance.

Each card:
  • remind you of your magnificence.
  • connect you with your intuition
  • capture the magic of the moment and spread it!
  • help you up when you’re down
  • create happy hearts

How to use Happy Cards

Happy Cards have been designed to support you in loving life: increasing abundance, compassion and power by connecting you with your intuition. Each card is attuned to the angelic realm and is infused with Reiki energy.To draw upon this energy, simply ask and be willing to receive.


For your inspiration and support choose one Happy Card daily. Reconnect with the energy of that message throughout your day by keeping the card close to you. Each card holds a significant message and connects you with your intuitive guide. Keep an open mind and allow guidance to flow. You can also ask a particular question: Take a deep breath. Ask a question clearly and hold it in your mind. Next, select a sequence of cards and read the cards in the context of that question. Pay attention to your intuitive response, thoughts and feelings and trust your impressions as they hold the answers you seek.


Give the gift of happiness and transform lives. Why not brighten someone’s day by sharing your Happy Cards? Offer your friends, family, boss, or even the local bus driver, the gift of happiness. Ask them to choose a Happy card and let them keep it as a gift. Then sit back and watch them smile.
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