Start your healing journey right now.

Try my meditation for balancing the nervous system, releasing stress and anxiety and accessing your inner wisdom.


Read the first chapter of my book
The Art of You for free now.


Start your healing journey right now.

Try my meditation for balancing the nervous system, releasing stress and anxiety and accessing your inner wisdom.


Read the first chapter of my book
The Art of You for free now.


Are you feeling trapped, stuck, battling persistent feelings of sadness, anxiety, overwhelm, and the weight of daily life's demands? It's not uncommon to find yourself caught in a seemingly endless cycle, unsure of why you're feeling this way. Whether you can pinpoint a specific trigger or not, I'm here to support you through times of change by offering you a tailor made solution that quickly gets to the core of the problem.

My signature healing programme Alchemy Healing has evolved over my many years of training, working with people and my own life experience and healing journey. I have experienced and seen how trauma and stress in its many forms can disconnect us from ourselves, our creativity, and our natural state of wellbeing.

My work blends Somatic movement and dance therapy, therapeutic shamanism, clinical hypnotherapy and various types of energy medicine alongside my intuitive gifts. The sessions approach well-being on multiple levels, encompassing the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of your being. This approach enables you to; safely face challenging emotions, builds safety, capacity and resilience in your nervous system, releases, re-patterns and integrates trauma and stress responses held in the body, heals old wounds and reconnects you to your authentic Self.

By addressing all aspects of ‘Self’, you can tune-in to the wisdom of your magnificent ‘wholeness’ to facilitate guidance, healing, and profound change in your life.

I offer online sessions or in-person visits to my healing room in Bere Alston, Devon. Please reach out and get in touch. I am here to support you.

What is Alchemy Healing?

Alchemy Healing has evolved from decades of experience in healing, research, teaching, therapeutic and spiritual practice. This unique system seamlessly integrates Vanessa's innate clairvoyant, psychic, and intuitive gifts with her professional trainings and expertise in the following modalities:

Somatic Dance and Movement Therapy

Somatic Dance and Movement Therapy invites the individual to listen to the intelligence and wisdom of their body-mind, using both a physiological and experiential approach. I offer creative processes that regulate the nervous system, enable the release of trauma and chronic pain and investigate and integrate the needs of your body-mind.


Shamanic Healing

As a shamanic practitioner my work is spirit-led. I utilise a neo-shamanic healing approach in my work that integrates psycho-spiritual techniques such as; altered states of consciousness, divination, ritual, ceremony, shamanic journey, inner child, soul retrieval and psycho-pomp work.

crystal healing

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is a vibrational energy-based system of healing. Crystals are used to interact with the electromagnetic field of the energy body creating resonance and reinstating balance and harmony.

reiki healing

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a healing and enlightenment system that uses universal life-force energy to re-establish equilibrium in the energetic and physical body. It may include distance healing, using symbols and laying hands over specific body parts.


Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a psychotherapy approach for treating a psychological or physical problem. I will create an altered state of awareness, perception or consciousness to access the subconscious, unconscious and supraconscious realms where healing can take place.


Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a psychological approach that includes sensory-based interventions and behaviour-modification techniques to achieve greater social interaction and well-being for a person.

What to Expect

How to Book

An Alchemy Healing session can be conducted online or in-person. For more in-depth issues I recommend a series of four 90 minute weekly sessions. After your booking is confirmed, you will receive an email from me for an initial consultation and we will agree dates for your healing.

A Channelled Reading is conducted online via zoom. After your booking is confirmed, you will receive an email from me to discuss any particular issue you would like guidance on. I will then conduct a divination session on your behalf, to receive guidance for you and we will arrange an agreed date for your reading.

alchemy healing training

Alchemy Energy Healing Session


Your Alchemy Energy healing and therapy session is conducted in two parts:

The Divination: Conducted before session 30mins

Once your booking is confirmed I will email you to agree dates and arrange an initial consultation. Before your session, I will do a shamanic journey to retrieve guidance for your individual healing needs. This sacred information is extremely accurate and quickly gets to the root of your issue. It is used to form the basis for your treatment.

The Alchemy Healing Session: Via Zoom 90mins

I will work together with you and my medicine palette to blend a personalised healing session for you. This may include: soul retrieval, energy work, somatic movement, guided visualisations, talk therapy, Inner child work, breath work, crystals, angel therapy - depending on your needs and the guidance received. You can choose to do this via zoom or in person at my healing room in Bere Alston, Devon.


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