Are you ready to answer your creative calling?

'You are a masterpiece - an unfolding work of art, beautiful in the moment and growing every day'

The Art of You

You are a masterpiece - an unfolding work of art, beautiful in the moment and growing every day.

The Art of You invites you to answer your call; it presents the perception-shifting vision that both you and your life are creative acts and shows you how to see the exquisite masterpiece you came here to be.

Vanessa Tucker harnesses the alchemy of her therapeutic and spiritual practise, her intuitive gift as a teacher, and her dark and illuminating personal experiences, and distils them into tools you can use to rediscover yourself. Packed with narrative paintings, inspiring stories, and practical exercises, she presents five innovative ways of looking at yourself and guides you through an empowering creation process that enables you to: step into your feminine wisdom, connect with your cosmic power and reclaim your beauty, leading you into an empowering space of love and wholeness.

Are you ready to answer your creative calling?

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Amazon review of The Art of You

Unique. Creative. From the heart
Vanessa has created a unique book which is a combination of psychology, shamanic healing and insightful story telling. She brings in her own experiences to help you with your own journey. The book is split into two parts. Part One - learning - Becoming your own Life Artist, working with Nature, Energy and Beauty as your guides. Part Two - putting it into practice - working on your mind, body and soul. I thoroughly recommend this book. I have been on one of Vanessa's retreats and they were fantastic. But reading this book afterwards blew my mind. A unique work of genius. I can't wait for the next book.Read more


Amazon review of The Art of You

Essential reading if you are awakening
I found that this beautiful book, 'The Art of You', reflected much of my life journey. It is a book written with authenticity and from lived experience. What a relief to read a book about suffering as well as healing that is not too directional. The language is inviting and I think channelled at times. It is a huge spiritual resource at night when I need connection with intelligent thinkers, healers and spiritual knowledge without dogma. It takes the reader into dimensions and knowledge essential if you are awakening and feel alone. I am saving to go on a retreat with Vanessa Tucker in the future. To be with the author in real time must be amazing on her retreat programmes.Read more

Dr Amanda Williamson

Amazon review of The Art of You

A life empowering book. Beautifully written
How wonderful that Vanessa has put all her knowledge, wisdom and years of teaching into this amazing book! The gems of wisdom you will find within the pages of the book are truly transformative. Especially relevant for me we’re the pages on “How to Transform fear”. Using personal stories such as The living Bridges to illustrate life’s journey is very inspirational and uplifing. We all have a masterpiece within us. This book will help you uncover it. A really excellent read 🙏Read more

Graham Gamble
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