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Emerald and silver Walk Your Talk Power Pendant – Live Fearlessly Collection


From our “Live fearlessly from your heart” Collection.

The ‘live fearlessly from the heart collection’ was designed to support you in loving yourself and living your truth. Each piece embodies unity, compassion and unconditional love. The two silver feet placed together symbolise us walking our talk and living fearlessly from the heart, this, in turn, creates the yogic figure in the centre of the pendant uniting you with your authentic self. The overall shape also creates a butterfly to remind us that we have the power to transform our lives.

Emerald Power Pendant

Measurements: 2.5cm x 2.5cm
Weight: 18 grams
Stone: Two emeralds
Handmade using pure 925 silver
Free Arabian beaded necklace included. Approx 13 inch in total length. Colour choice: Black, cream, red, silver.

This is a unique and playful, solid sterling silver emerald power pendant. The pendant is set with two high quality, vivid green emeralds on both sides and is completely reversible. This all-encompassing piece brings balance, supporting your heart and mind to work harmoniously. The emerald brings abundance and is a compassionate stone that increases intuition and perception helping us to make healing choices for a life we love and deserve. It equalises our heart chakra giving us the balancing ability to be ourselves with each new environment we experience. Our self-esteem is nurtured and we become stronger. Wear it as a daily reminder of your magnificence and knowledge that you have universal support. When you stand in love and live your truth, life becomes magical.

The Walk Your Talk collection is handmade by a local artisan in Rajasthan, India, with responsible and fairtrade materials.

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